Key: G# Toots:G#, F, H
Dimensions: length 130 cm, inn. mouthpiece diam. :32 mm, outer resonator diam. : 10 cm, weight 1,5 kg
Info: Konvalinka is the boneshaker if played with right determined high-pressure approach. Offers super-high-speed grooves in strong and row aliqout tones which then dominate the environment they are played in, such as street or forest. Due to its short length enable walking and dancing while plaing. It is a good party-fellow. You can forget to play it in apartment building unless you want face your neighbour boneshaker...

Outstanding surface features of beuty that only oak can reveal.Coated by Nut-oil only. Carved into pentagon shape. Inner treatment by burning, shelack and nut-oil and caurnaba wax.

Price € 600

akátová didgeridooakátová didgeridoo

akátová didgeridooakátová didgeridoo

akátová didgeridoo