The new-moon hunting for Robinia Pseudoacacia. The invasive green gold of didgeridoo manufacturing in europe.

On winter´s new-moons my family does not seems me much, as I went on my freezing hunting for trees that shall became music instruments. The power of new-moon "yang" energy together with freezing wheather make trees to pull sap and other liquid parts down to roots to survive. Wood harvested in those period provide excellent qualities with mimimum of cracking during manufacturing.

On my search I go for one in particular - Black Locust / False acaccia. One of the most hard woods in europe, with extraordinary natural design and high resonance level. As positive point might be its excelent honey that provides, but it is the last one.

Locust is considered as one of 40 most dangerous woody plants in Europe. For its efect on surrounding ecosystem. Although it bind the air-nitrogen into its root system, it is not providing to others. Instead is releasing toxic substances by its roots and together with flavonoids washed down from leaves is pushing original vegeatation out. Then creates its monoculture forest with parched soil underneath that also negativly influence local fauna. Eradication shows up as very difficult.

The irony of fate and symbolism is great. The tree has been imported as maybe first one into europe in 1601 by Jean Robin. And as europeans start to invide america´s environment and culture, Locust made the same in europe. Both first welcomed as the Gods with gifts - turned out as the fatal tyrannizer.

For all these qualities mentioned above takes Robinia 80 per cent of wood we craft our instruments from. Providing excellent sound qualities and facilitating local eco-systems by harvesting it. Give us simply more common sense than import eucalyptus trees all over the globe.



We introduce you  the Opilon – our new album released in February 2013. Surprisingly  we play there didgeridoo and baryton sax again, but this time the exploration goes much futher. With great contribution of our guests we reach remote lands, musical spaces in which we sinked to, coming up with new stories of rezonantions, movements and enjoyment.
As usually we went through many genres as disco, down-tempo, psy-trance up to etiopian village procession. New album is reflecting all our musical perceptions, mucical voyages and meetings we had last year and therefore violoncellist Natálie and ukrainian vocalist Marichka is there too. They both with Jiří (producer, percussionist) enable us to drag our visions up to unexpected level of music – which we are proud to present you in – Opilon.