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  14.1.   Ústí n.L.   Triskel - klub osobního rozvoje   solo   slavnostní otevření prostoru . 18:00
  29.1.   Praha - Holešovice   HÓL - kulturní centrum   Solo + J. Čapka - sitár   !!! KONCERT ZRUŠEN !!!
  31.1.   Semily   čaj. U Robinsona   Solo + J. Čapka   indická rága
  28.2.   Wolimierz (PL)   Stacja Wolimierz - art centre   Solo + J. Čapka   indická rága
  29.2.   Senička   Bernardo   Solo    
  26.6.   Praha-Radotín   Źivá Kavárna   Jorba   duo s Jakubem Čapkou - Sitár
  16.8.   Praha - Vyšehrad   Čajomír festival   Jorba   10:00 -
  8.8.   Trutnov       Solo   v přípravě
  9.8.   Hranice   Hranický řez - symposium   Solo
  22.8.   Merboltice   Hvozdění - home fest   Jorba    
  4.9.   Praha - Střelecký Ostrov   Greenfest   Solo
  26.9.   Veselí u Brna   Mezi lesy - fest   Jorba   16:30
  26.9.   Mikulov   Galerie Konvent   Jorba   21:00
  15.10   Oloumoc   MusicOlomouc12 - international festival of contemporary music   as a guest of Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc - Czech premier of Sula composition - writen by estonian composer Helena Tulve



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10.-12th September Merboltice Hvozd , house 95  


"Mindfully towards speed and precision"

Let us invite you  for extraordinary didgeridoo workshop hosting legendary Lies at farm-house of czech maker/player/teacher  Lukáš Pilnaj. You will get superior attention of both teachers in a very homey environment with a rare chance of visit Pilnaj´s craft-workshops in beutifull Merboltice village placed in national park Central Highlands.

The main focus of the workshop is making the breathing-in in total relaxation,
and the unlimited potential that it will bring.
So playing Didgeridoo will leave you with more energy for things that do take
more energy (like trumpets and voice for instance). This will permit you to
play quicker; additionally it will not break your rhythms due to the inhalation.
The frst day of the workshop we will additionally focus on using the voice,
connecting with the high voice and projecting it out of the Didgeridoo. We
will also look at three unique methods of playing the Trumpet-sounds,
putting voice on the Trumpet-sound, putting voice on the Trumpet-sound
and making circular breathing on the Trumpet-sound.
This workshop is made for any level of Didgeridoo player.
We will start to look at essential things, like lips, tongue, cheeks, jaw and
diaphragm (and with this we will work on voice and projecting it). It is
important to have some level of perfection and awareness, so we can
proceed to the advanced techniques.
In this workshop, we will learn to use these basic techniques completely
separate from one and the other.
It sounds simple, however you will discover, it's anything but!
Furthermore, the multi-drone/drop-octave will also have a focus point in this

We will practice belly-breathing, jaw-breathing, tongue- and cheek-
breathing, with the most important focus of doing it in relaxation!!!

We then, can work on the 4-part wobble, this is why we need to tackle
isolations and breathing, in complete relaxation.
The last part, we will work on non-dronal sounds, like human beat-box and
So if you are into perfecting and precision and speed and endless
possibilities, this is your workshop.

Price all-included is 200 euro
Registration on lkpilnaj( @ )

|Praha - Libeň - metro Palmovka

kommunity garden Kotlaska -  

Opening of Regular Didgeridoo classes in Jurta of Kotlaska community centre in Prague.

beginners: 9-12:00 - Introduction into musical world by simple exhale, conscious breathing by diaphragm, basic sounds and rhytms, view into circulation breathing. 500,- registration on lkpilnaj(@) !!!

advanced players 14-18:00 (handling circulation breathing). Intensive seminar focused on effective diaphragm use, non-drone percussive playng, use of metronome and claves in off-beat. Intend is to set individual practice routine for players at home later on, seting simple home recording. Cost 700,- , 500,- for regular students. registration on mail above.

Instruments to borrow or buy will be available for participants
Detailed info later