Our videos:
Videovlip from caves: Deši – Pět psů – under d´ ground
Videoclip from caves: Dual mind – cave intro , L. Pilnaj solo
Czech TV 1 channel reportage about my way of didgeridoo manufacturing
Reportáž - KrasoVhled: PROFIL MĚSÍCE 01/2012 - dechové duo DEŠI
Kus Kus Klan – Kapučíno – band´s document
Kus Kus Klan – Den Dva life – DHR fest 2009 – Isle of Wight U.K. featuring Yshar

Websites of Petr Kralik dedicated to australian eukalypt didgeridoos. Performing in Trioridoo band.

Croatian wizzard in the world of didgeridoo, sound pioneer and very good friend of mine Dubravko Lapaine.
Sites dedicated to japaneese zen-flute Shakuhachi. Under Vlastislav Matoušek leading.
British live broadcast didgeridoo music radio.
Skillful craftsmen
Jan Marek – top producer of hand made wooden furntiture, jewelery and design objects. Websites of his and his girlfriend are dedicated to hand craft development. Offering top hand tool, natural oils and sharpening stones.
Beutiful hand shaped pottery of Míra and Maja who discovered their own technics and design. Specialised on tea pottery.
Ecology, new age visions, natural eco-building:
Most developed and based alternative settlement in Slovakia. Full of creativ and skillful people.
Sites (only in czech) dedicated to eco –building, developing alternative villages.
The Spirit of trees - Fred Hageneder
The tibetian book of living and dying – Sogyal Rinpoche
Conversations with God - Neil D. Walsh