Acacia AQUAMARIN - bouthsider

Key 1:A Toots:G,E

Key 2: D Toots:Fis, Dis
Dimensions:: lenght 130 cm, inn. mouthpieces diam. : 32 mm, resonator diam.: 10 cm, weight 1,5 kg
Info: Aquamarin is ultimate traveling didgeridoo. Result of my long-years investigation of how short didgeridoo might be to ofer you stil sexy tone and nice backpressure in the same time. Resistant enough for traveling and affordable enough so you dare to run through forest and train or even to lend it hippie-friend. Therefore there will be comming other pieces with those features called:

... Bothsiders line . Offering higher tone on one side with Yedaky characteristics. And blown from other wider side ofering three (4,5) tones lower key with features of Mago characteristics. That ensure enough joy and discoveries even for pro-players and enable them to travel out and still keep didg by side just for case of facing dark jedi-knights on their path.

Price: € 300

akátová didgeridooakátová didgeridoo

akátová didgeridoo