Red-crowned Voyager C 

Key  : C 2 , toots: A2, F3,C4, F4, G#4, Bb4

Dimensions: length 225 cm, mouthpiece diam. 30mm, weight 6,6 kg
Type: is a top representative of our last „Voyagers“ colection. Intstruments with closed bell, designed to ofer exlusive back-press, support and magnify subtle beats used in air-code style, bend drone characteristics. All that opens you new musical landscape into which you might flow in a luxury spacecraft. As soon as you are on mic on stage you can turn into celestial didge-frame-drum player. As each specific magical artefact has its downside. Firstly it is its size (over 2m) so it might affect your hitch-hiking success. Secondly, its specific shape with closed bell is succesfully destroying the harmonic line of toots. Well, if your are pro contemporary player searching for new playing styles and expressions, this is your choice. 

 This particular Voyager with embedded himalayan red-wood mouthpiece and bell ring has a magnetic and lightly-play-able first toot in A1 with water-drum feeling. Made of Pseudo acacia, burned inside and outside for higher resonation level. Inner impregnation by water based varnish, outer by hard-was-oil.

Price: €900 


akátová didgeridooakátová didgeridoo

akátová didgeridooakátová didgeridoo