Tryskel- dual didge

Key low : C2 , toots: D3

Key high: A2 toots: B3

Dimensions: length 94cm, mouthpiece diam. 30mm, weight 1,85 kg
Type: Drilled, playable from both side with several keys change between them. Inside treatment by flames and PU varnish. Surface treatment by paint and varnish.

The Dual Didg line is our new prototype of traveling didgeridoo ofering solution of compromises if choosing your didg. Its made by hardest european wood, around one meter long and one kilogram heavy. Playable from both sides with significant key difference. Customer might choose color and keys difference.

Price: €400 including leathercase

akátová didgeridoo akátová didgeridoo

Video - presentation of the concept of Dual Didg zde