Decimius minor - Sub octave Dual Didge

Key low :  C 1 , toots: C3, D4

Key high : E flat 2, toots: E flatt 3, C4, G4, B4

Dimensions: length 152 cm, mouthpiece diameters 30mm, 32mm (wide one), weight 2,7kg
Type: Sub-octave Dual Didgeridoo, playable from both side with ten keys difference between them.

Decimius Minor - is a supreme artefact from our fantasy workshop that we forged for three weeks in row. Presenting our top skills what regards wood quality, tuning know-how and surface design. Ofers majestic low low C1 note on wide end. Once you set the drone there, you got feeling of falling through the floor as your mind get into those unknow frequencies range. Just being there is transforming your consciousness. Ofers incredible range of aliquot tones while singing into drone. The Air-code playing style is rewarded by specific features of Udu like feeling and great contrast with deep drone atacks. By acquiring Decimius Minor you will simply became the sorcerer with deepest didge in the town !... which is even able to move around with it :)

                      The narrow end provide you very vital E flat with 1st toot on ... E flat! which seems like normal unless you know how untuneable these dual didges are, not speaking about toots even. So it is simply miracle.. next two  toots very play able too. Has very specific possibilities of Air-code beats flow. 

Inside treatment by flames and varnish. Surface treatment by amoniac, shellac and oil. Mouthpieces made of hard Wenge and Ebony wood.

The Sub Octave Dual Didge line is ofering specific artefacts for all  enigma-chasers, voyagers of inner experiences, jewels colectors and audio scientists. Idea is simple... lets get down as low as possible until is it playable and enjoyable. Discovered treasure here is that the conicaly narrowing inner shape ofers you extra back pressure and therefore your lips can vibrate slower and sloowweerr. As each piece is unique there comes always lot of suprising features. Special for Air-code playing and singing into deep drone. Its made by hardest european wood, over 140cms long. Always delivered with leather case handmade specificaly for that piece.     . Playable from both sides with significant key difference. Customer might choose designe and desiered keys difference. We are able to craft it and ship worldwide up to three weeks. 

Price: €770 including leathercase

akátová didgeridoo akátová didgeridoo


akátová didgeridoo



Video - presentation of the concept of Dual Didg zde



Decimius minor - Sub octave Dual Didge