Solo performance
didgeridoo, voice, percussions

Info: Ather 15 years or performing in various projects on european clubs and festivals stages comes up Lukáš Pilnaj with his solo project. It is reflection of his outstanding skills on instruments he made himself as didgeridoo and monochord played during life performances together with voice and kick-pedals in real time. That enables him to carry over audience through various genres and original musical landscapes underlined always by Pilnaj´s instinctive groovy pulse coming either from breath, string or kick.






Turquoise rabbit
2,42 min
Afrobeat (2018)
--- min
Oilon II. (2018)
--- min
3,51 min
3,47 min



In 2003, the first solo concerts. In 2007, production of the demo: D.I.D.G. Orchestra. 2010 relesed cd of electronic band Kus Kus Klan. 2011 - Duo Deshi album, 2014 - Opilon - album of duo Deshi, 2016 - Kopsloin - alubm of trio Deshane.


D.I.D.G. Orchesta