od 1.10.2010

To breathe life into wood and discover a story resonating within ourselves ...

... in the stream of being between inhaling and exhaling, not beginning and not ending ...

... welcome inside


Public auction of my instrument Broken Master open till end of November     link for auction

support me in crowdfunding ...now till 8th of December     link for crowdfunding

upcoming DIDGERIDOO CAMP...5days  in September  More info

Video - presentation of the concept of Dual Didg by Dubravko Lapaine here


The deepest dual didge !! New sortiment in the section Sale didgeridoo gallery

Video - presentation of the concept of Dual Didg zde


New sortiment in the section accesories

Video Opening of regular classes in jurta - Prague


Video Duo Deshi - Tulipan


Video 60s didgeridoo challange



Releasing of Kopsloin ablum under our newest project Deshane (CZ/NOR).

Released on festival Didgeridoo v jeskyni on 13th june 2015. Listen Here


Czech TV 1 channel reportage about my way of didgeridoo manufacturing: see here.



New video: Deši – Road movie 2013

New album Opilon
read more here


Releasing new album Opilon!
17th Feb in Ústí n.L. and 19th Feb in Praha. All sincerely welcome! Some tracks from new album in our playlist already.


Videoclip from caves: Dual mind – cave intro, L. Pilnaj solo: see here.
Videoclip from caves: Deši – Pět psů –under d´ ground: see here.

Deši CD – after long recording journey released. More in Music – Deši section


Kus Kus Klan CD

Released! Our debut album freshly christened by Phu-ér té. Reflecting our two-years music production. Available here for 8€,-

Hereby I would like to give my deep thanks to my two greatly esteemed friends
Mariana (paintings, graphic art)
and Zuzana (Web site building) for creation of these websites.