puntik The Didglander - outdoor-rec-stand
akátová didgerigoo

The Didglander is portable solution for advanced players practising daily with desire to be ready to catch their session or monitor themself either on street or noisy workshops. Keep save and clean your instrument as well as the place of performance.

Price: 140€

puntik The Protector
akátová didgerigoo

The Protector of mouthpiece

Price: 48€


puntik Metal Stand

akátová didgerigoo

Charismatic heavy duty stands that brings a relieve you of heavy instrument holding during long home practising or concerts. Adjustable height by telescopic bar from 45cm up to 80cm. 6 kg weight. Each piece we weld together from recycled parts. Therefore appearance might differ.

Price: 170€


puntik The Thunderbolt rhythm sticks - long

akátová didgerigoo

Powerful tool that transform yourself into organic metronome. Once being Black Lotus wood harvested during winter newmoons and dried for seven years has been recasted in our workshops by flaming and high voltage strikes in high-resonance musical instrument comparable with exotic hard-woods. Consist of one longer piece (50cm) ment to be placed on both your legs while siting and other short one for beating.

Price: 50€


puntik The Thunderbolt rhythm sticks - short

akátová didgerigoo

Both pieces are long around 25cm.

Price: 35€